Introducing Denali Dental:

Denali Dental offers affordable plans for all your dental needs.

Denali Dental plan highlights:

o Indemnity plan – no network/ choose any dentist. o PPO Plan. To search providers, click on link:

  PPO Provider Search

These plans now include:  3 cleanings and 2 exams per calendar year!  There are NO waiting periods for all services – including “Major Services.”  Major services include bridges, crowns, dentures and implants that have immediate eligible coverage available.  There are optional $1500, $2500 or $3500 annual maximums per person available, along with a 1 year rate guarantee on monthly premium rates.  Also, if you are currently covered under a “comparable” prior group or individual plan – takeover benefits are available for an additional 20% increase to the monthly premium rates.  (Click on link below for more information)



Tri Star Benefits strives to bring buyers and sellers of health insurance together with competitive products and solutions that fits just about anybody’s needs. We offer our agents:

  • Competitive products
  • Superior agent support
  • Aggressive compensation structures
  • Cash, trips and other promotions offered by the carriers we represent
  • Agent incentive programs promoted by Tri Star Benefits

If you are a licensed agent interested in partnering with Tri Star Benefits, click here and fill out the required information. Our staff will contact you once your registration is approved. We look forward to being your single source for better options, better results.